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Michael Claunch

Thanks fellows, I have not ordered a scope yet. I now have some berger bullets in 175, 185 and 200 now. Would like some guidance on a good reloading book that has data on these bullets and data from a 30 inch barrel in .308. I have bought some Varget powder. My old reloading book is ancient now, no mention of these weight bullets. The popular bullet back then was 168 BTHP and I have plenty of them.
On the scope, one has 70 min range and the other 50 min available. Any of you 1000 yd shooters, this enough for long range? The rifle coming will have a 20 degree rail to mount the scope for a little advantage.
AL, you are right about the “practice”. I was fortunate to have a county dirt pit close to the house back then. It was only 200 yards across, but was good for the short range stuff. I spent a lot of evenings dry firing in the standing position “shooting the wall” as I called it, at a dot on the living room wall. Mike