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Wynne Echols

Michael, welcome to the forum and we all look forward to you shooting with us at Reese Bottom. You need to get after those F Open boys and leave us F-T-R’s alone. lol Sounds to me like you have shot in matches that all of us have only read about. My two cents on the scope question. Sightron has the reputation of being the best scope for the money. I would think a person could buy a Sightron for 1/2 to 2/3 of what a similar Nightforce would cost. Not knocking either scope, just talking money. Before making a final decision, I would suggest that you give some thought to the reticle and clicks per moa. I have grown fond of 8 clicks per moa type scopes but the 4 clicks will definitely work. Good luck with the decision and hope to see you again at Reese Bottom. WWE