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Wynne Echols

Just a reminder to everyone of the mid range prone match at Reese Bottom on March 17, 2018. We ask that shooters please arrive by 8 am so that we can get things in order and be shooting by 9 am. We will run this match just as we have the mid range matches in the past. F Open and FTR divisions with shooters not able to shoot prone being able to shoot from the wooden bench. 3 X 20 X 600. No food or drinks will be provided so bring your own snacks and drinks and plan to eat and drink on the go. Once the match starts, we will keep it going. Shooters will be expected to pull pit duty. Entry fee is $15 with $10 being divided among the winners. Last year we started a mid range ‘Gunny Pot’ for an optional $5 with the winner being the shooter with the most ‘X’. Reese Bottom is still wet so I ask that everyone watch the weather and the forum so if anything changes, I will post it ahead of time right here. WWE

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