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Richard Slaton

Mr. Mike
Let make it very clear I have very limited expertise at this I watched my 1st. Br match last year and it was at Reese bottom I shot my 1st. and only Br. Match this year also at Reese bottom and I’m clueless how other Br. Match are run. So don’t put much stock in what I say. Last year when I only came to watch I brought my spotting score it’s not a top of the line but a pretty good Vortex spotter I could not see bullet holes pass 300 yards. I’m not sure how good of a spotting scope is needed to see bullet holes 500. This year when I came to shoot I left the scope at home and relied on my 6×24 Sightron III set on 20x. I could barely make out my 6mm bullet hit at 300on plate because of the mud splat LOL. And faintly/somewhat see some of my bullet holes on the target. At 400 (no mud splat) I could very well see my plate hits but could not see target hits, 500 no problem with seeing plate hits and again could not see target hits. I’m not sure if the guys running better Scopes than me on their rifles can see target hits?
My mistake was I did not use what info I got from the plate hit until I got to the 500yrds. (Hind sight 20/20 should have made the 2 click adjustment 300 not wait till 500). I’m saying all this because in my case the plates work better for me than paper. Like you I would like to hear opinions from the more experienced shooters and hopefully pick up a few tips.
The main reason I posted this is because the only reason I get to come shoot is because “the committee” liked me posting on the this forum so hopefully if I keep posting and bringing desserts I can keep coming