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Wynne Echols

Kenneth, my thinking here is all about Reese Bottom and trying to do something a little different from time to time. Anyone could enter, but my main interest would be on the shooters that attend regularly. Kind of a change of pace for those that participate. Lets say we were going to have a two man team bench rest match and lets say the team had to consist of a .308/.223 rifle paired with either a mechanical or open bi-pod rifle. Set a date for the teams to enter and we would know what we had. No late entries. We could talk this up for months here on the forum so everyone should know the dates. Just looking at the log ons to the right, not many are using the forum so not sure how much feed back we will get. All of this is just a thought at this time, but the schedule will need to be set shortly.

I also received an email from Brock’s Gap this mourning and there match next Saturday is a double match. A shooter wanting to shoot light and heavy could possibly shoot over a hundred rounds. If things go okay, I might ride up there. WWE