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Wynne Echols

Surrell, you are ‘boss’. You won my respect the month that it meant enough for you to be at Reese Bottom that you got off the operating table and were at the match a couple of days later. That is devotion to our sport that is above the norm. Thanks for your support of the matches at Reese Bottom, bringing the radios each month, providing targets when I miscount, being the first to arrive each month to get things going, but most of all your support of the forums. I really enjoy keeping up with your shooting through the forum and I am so proud of the giant steps forward that you have made with your shooting. Not sure that you realize how much your good shooting is pushing other shooters in the
f-t-r shooting to get better. And then you go and get Britt to build a 6mmBR. Anyway, thanks for all you do. WWE