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Richard Slaton

Being a “kid “back in the 50’s and 60’s every boy had a BB gun. I got my 1st. saving “green stamps” for the ones here old enough to remember them. The Thing about BB gun in our eyes hunting season stay in year round from hunting wild game to just empty cans. I was lucky to have an older cousin that was into shooting and had a “real varmint rifle” in the form of a 222 and I got my 1st. exposer to reloading helping him load for the 222 with an old Lyman 310 hand loader. Fast forward to 1976 when I moved to Tuscaloosa with my Wife and 1 year old daughter. Though hanging out at Mack’s bait shop I became friends with some guys that were shooting Police Combat match and got to join them in starting a small gun club and range. Though this I got very involved in not only hand gun competition but hand gun hunting which also spun an interest in Long range handguns commonly call “specialty pistols”
Which spun an interest in a new sport back in the very early 1980’s called handgun Metallic silhouette
BUT life changes now with 2 kids 6/7day week job I never got to live my dream back then. I could only read about this sport mostly done in the Midwest. And life changes back sometime in June 2011 I was able to shoot in my 1st. true IHMSA handgun silhouette match this was only the short 22lr. Match with targets from 25 to 100 yds. But it was a start and from this start I was able to make friends and connections to shoot the big bore hand gun matches with targets 50 to 200 meters. My wife says I’m living my childhood in my 60’s I guess she is right! Biggest problem is I have to travel out of state to 2 or 3 matches a year is about it. After becoming friends with some Specialty pistol shooters
“Out west” that push their handguns to extreme distances I’ve been a man on somewhat of a mission to see how far I can push mine. New gig in town though Facebook and the internet I found about the matches @ Gabriel Creek which was only 30 mins from my house. So I thought what the heck I’m going ride down and see what it’s all about. Low and behold when I got to the match I saw 3 young adult shooters I have known most of their life. After enjoying watching the shoot and Talking to Surrell I explained that I only shoot handguns and would be it be possible for me to come give it a try with a chuckle he said sure do you think you can hit them. That was last year this year I’ve shot 3 or 4 matches @ Gabriel creek and no I have not won and no I don’t really expect to but I haven’t come in last place ether now I’m shooting my “specialty pistols” @ 500 yds. And I’ve maybe had more fun than anyone one else. After visiting Reece bottom this year I think maybe giving the midrange f/class and bench rest stuff a try would be fun. I’m no longer a highly completive person I just shoot to reach goals and bucket list stuff and meet new friends. Next year’s bucket list Steel plate @ 1K