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Wynne Echols

Ben, it appears the rain chances are going down each day. As a young boy, we only got one channel[Meridian] and the weather man’s name was Bob Holland. Every night his forecast for the next day would be clear to partly cloudy with a chance of rain[no way to miss] and I bet he will be right Saturday. If anything changes, I will post it here, but I will not postpone the match unless it is raining Saturday morning. If the weather is questionable Saturday, please wait until around 6am and call me. 334-654-2462 WWE

ps: for those of you that pray, please add my father in law to your prayer list. His health is declining at a very rapid rate. His father bought the farm in the late 1930’s and Papa has spent his entire life trying to keep it all together. He was able to keep 5 of the 6 divisions in the family and he is the reason that we enjoy Reese Bottom each month.