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Wynne Echols

Reference was made to maybe how sanctioned matches are scored. I am going to attach a page from the results of the 2016 World Open held each year just out of Williamsport, PA.{} I have shot this match on two occasions and have also shot the IBS 1000 Yard Nationals twice. I looked and cannot find the results from the IBS match held last fall in Swainsboro, GA., but the results are scored very similarly. Both clubs divide rifles into a light gun class[17# or less] and a heavy gun class[over 17#] IBS will usually host approx. 80 shooters and PA will host approx. 150 shooters. Some participants shoot light gun, some heavy gun, and many both. Lots of prizes for each class but the top prize is the 2 gun overall. Click the photo to enlarge. I had the honor of sharing a cleaning table with Mr. Jay Burger on both of my trips to PA. The far right number determines the overall winner. Mr. Burger finished with a 30. That is the sum total of his final position in light gun group, light gun score, heavy gun group, and heavy gun score. It is not uncommon for the 2 gun overall champ to actually not win any of the four different matches, but the champ is usually near the top in all four.

As for new participants, everyone is looking for them. That was a big topic last fall in Swainsboro. Travel, time, expense, some want to shoot more, others don’t, etc. Anyone that can come up with a solution could become famous.

One other comment. The most popular sanctioned long range matches are held at either 600 yards or 1000 yards which make it next near to impossible to see bullet holes. Mirage, flies, numbers and lines on target, and color all make it difficult to see hits[and 6mm size holes don’t help] Advantage 30 cal but not much. WWE