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Al Barr

Wynn, you got me thinking ( yeah, I know it was a slow process). I tried seating bullets on one batch of freshly prepared cases. One batch, Ilubed the bullet with just a touch of Imperial Die Wax; these seated at 30-35 psi on the 21st century.

The second group, I lubed the inside of the neck with a q-tip dipped in Imperial Dry Neck Lube, and these seated at 20-25psi on the 21st Century.

What that means to me, at this point, is NOTHING!

What I would love to see is some good shooters give this a work out at 600 yards real early in the morning with as little wind as possible and share their results. If you have a good load; try this approach and see if it helps or hurts. Take notes and pictures.