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Wynne Echols

Thank you Brett and Al for this information. All of you good shooters and reloaders, there is something to learn here. I have actually been using a very different approach with failing results. I have been wet tumbling my brass in stainless steel media and believe me, it is clean, and it is pretty. But it ain’t doing good. I have had another gentleman suggesting for some time that he believes that it is very important to leave carbon inside the necks, not to get them squeaky clean as I have been doing. Now here is proof in the comparison. Al and I have the very same seating press and I also used wax. He states that his bullets seated consistently 30 to 35 and the bullets that I loaded for this past weekend had a seating pressure of 35 to approx 100. This leads me to think that carbon in necks may be your friend. Interesting, WWE