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Wynne Echols

Thanks guys for all of the kind words. Looks like I am not going to have many essays to grade. Just do not understand why so many are so hesitant to comment. I owe a public apology. Ms. Lauren mentioned to me during the match Saturday that it was Chase’s birthday and I totally forgot. Sorry, at least he got his photo on the front of this month’s random photos. Go to the photos page to see these random pictures from last Saturday. The website had lost it’s link to my Flickr account and if you look over to the photos of the most recent logons you can surely determine who fixed it. This young man is always willing to fix things for me and for that I am grateful. The results each month prove that I cannot shoot and I never claimed to be a computer tech. At sixty five I am running out of time to find my calling. March will be mid range prone match at Reese Bottom and don’t forget that I think the fellows at Gabrial Creek are shooting this weekend. Check with Surrell. WWE