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Wynne Echols

Steve, My guess is that the matches would be sanctioned by the IBS and that shooters would be required to be IBS members. Robert told me that they would probably shoot four matches in a weekend[probably the 1st weekend of the month] Two on Saturday and two on Sunday. The matches are shot from benches and I think that shooters are required to shoot from a mechanical front rest. Rifles are divided into light gun and heavy gun[light = up to 17 lbs. and heavy = unlimited weight. Not sure if there is a caliber limit. At the nationals this year, light shot 5 shots and heavy shot 10 shots. I’m sure that each local club has some discretion as to how things are done. I remember at the nationals there was a discussion as to agg matches and matches with shoot offs. When I hear back from Robert, I will post more details. WWE