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I think everyone knows where I shoot a match, mostly at Reese Bottom for the last three years so far I’ve been to every match at Reese Bottom. Chase Morgan and I shot a 1000 yard F-Class at Bar3 three Saturdays ago and planning one more 1000 yard there. The last 4 or 5 months I’ve had a steel match at Gabriel Creek Hunting Club and planning one last steel match in October on the 4th Saturday I hope this one will be the largest ever at Gabriel Creek, Jeff Tucker will be bringing his grill on wheels and we will be bringing food for all to enjoy. I have shot the Tactical match at Brocks Gap a few years ago always having problems seeing the targets at different stages but I have heard that have changed things up there but I have no plans on going back. With that being said I will have to say Reese Bottom is my most favorite range with Gabriel Creek coming in second only because of all the work involved in having a match, one does not know how much work has to be done in order to put on a match until you have done it.
Thanks Mr. Wynne for all you do from me and all the shooters to enjoy such a great place to spend a day of shooting at Reese Bottom you are a blessing to all. We can’t for get about Britt Jones for all his help at Reese Bottom and all his great work he puts in building our rifles.