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Allen Shively

I feel very lucky to be within about 1- 2 hours from four nice 1000yd ranges.
I shoot at whitehourse shooting range in WVA.
Harry Jones memorial in WVA.
Reade Range in Pa.
And Williamsport the original 1000yd club.

This season I was fortunate enough to shoot at least two matches at each club!!! All within a couple hours of home. We also are lucky enough to have a camper and the week before the world open we camped for several days and load tested in the evenings. And I really believe the load testing got me the right load to finishe second in light gun f or the world open.
All ranges as we all know have their different characteristics, and it always amazes how I use different scope setting for the different ranges. And usually the wind moves in the same directions st the different clubs. I think it makes me a better shooter, having to adjust and adapt to the different ranges????