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Larry Linneman

Lately I’ve been shooting at talladega cmp’s range myself and a few other club shooters got sn invite to get f class matches started there which has somewhat taken off . In the July match I placed 4th which was disappointing to me (wind caught me more than it should have it know better) the match ran great with no pit duty it went fast I think there were 35 shooters and we still finished in 2 1/2 hrs. The one thing that could be a problem is all you shoot at is a black dot (a problem for find cross hair and dot shooters holding off). Entry fee was 35 dollars which is also the same cost to just shoot there so it was a wash.

Backwoods Shooters in smith station hold an across the course match where you shoot 100,200,300,400 then each month you move out 100 yards so 500 the first month out to 1000 the last it really test your scope tracking and dope. Down side is you shoot off a wooden platform that can move a little if people walk on it and no bathroom just trees.

My club center all Alabama gun club – we hold 4 300yard fclass matches a year with prizes given out on the last match it can burn a barrel we shoot 4 targets 10 shots on each with unlimited sighters in 40 minutes relays positions are given when you email the match director and tell him you want to shoot the match.

The now closed Blakely ga. Place was nice to shoot at I really enjoyed shooting 600 and 1000 yard matches and hope they will open back up .

Next season I plan to shoot at
My club ftr,f open , and unlimited
Reese bottom ftr,maybe fopen , bench rest
Talladega cmp for, f open
Backwoods ftr
And I’m looking for places to shoot in Tennessee, Mississippi and Georgia (cool acres )