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Dave Gardner

It was a hot windy day at out range. I got lucky and drew the second relay bench seven. The mirage was terrible so I turned the power down to 20. I have a 12 x42 Nightforce. So I could try to remove the mirage. My sightseers stayed in the blue. Just moved from side to side from 9 to 3. I thought if it just stays on one side or the other for twenty five seconds I might shoot a good group. So at the command commence fire I shot them as fast as I can. The results were unknown. I packed up my equipment and put it in my car there was a lot of good shooters in my relay. Waiting for the scores to be posted. When they did my heart stopped. Wow what a group all but one shot the ninth round went 2.455 high out of the group I thought nine shots under 3 inches with 6xs. What a great target. So I will keep trying to shoot better and break that record. Thanks WWE for the posting of my target. All you reesebottom shooters are welcome at out range anytime. Thanks again. Dave Gardner