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Wynne Echols

Master Sniper, not sure how to answer this one. I think that all companies make good products. If not, the lack of sales would force them to do things differently. Some do produce products that might out preform others, but the shooter must test to see what their rifle shoots better. For instance, jumping vs. jamming could determine which bullet out preforms. As for the FPS, in this heat, the shooter is somewhat limited as to how fast they might get the bullet to run. Bolt lift will tell you. I have read where shooters, during load development, will increase the powder charge a .1 at the time until the bolt will not open and then know that their max. charge will be somewhere under that charge. I would suggest to always start low and work up to avoid chance of injury. I do enjoy your input and long for the day that others do the same. Good luck!!! WWE