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July 23 at Gabriel Creek south of Moundville Alabama we will be shooting another match on steel at 200,300,400 and 500 yards Ben Mitchell won the match last month.Who will win this month?This could be you the July first place winner —- ——- everyone has a chance to be that number one shooter all targets are on the range only on match.The day after every match I pull all the 200,300 and 400 yards leaving only the Rams at 500.All tie breaker targets along with the chickens,pigs and Turkeys stay on my trailer until the next match for new paint and any repairs needed.What can you shoot?Anything from a 6 BR to a 300WM any Rest,Bags or Bipod and no Mechanical rest.We will be shooting from the bench 4 shooters at a time 10 shots each with 2 relays for a total of 20 record shots plus a tie breaker round at a unknown distance of 5 shots plus a second tie breaker if needed.Pay out depends on the amount of shooters shooting at $25.00 per gun you will be able to shoot 2 guns but not the same gun twice we can shoot 40 or more shooters per match.The range will open at 0700 and the match will start at 0900 you will be able to shoot before the match starts shooting will stop at 0830 so we can all get signed up and your name placed on the score card.