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Wynne Echols

Ben, look forward to seeing you and the Mrs. at Reese Bottom. You will enjoy yourselves. We do shoot breaks from the benches, but do not at the mid range prone matches and Steve is correct that when we shoot from the benches we divide the rifles into three divisions to try the best we can to keep the rifles as competitive as possible. F-Open type rifles, F-T-R type rifles, and then any caliber rifle shot on a mechanical front rest with a rear bag. This has all seemed to work out well in the past, but as always, Reese Bottom is open to suggestions.

If things go as planned, I will be shooting the Farley action dasher with some custom 115 grain bullets. I might tweak the load a .1 or so, but it shot well at the steel match a couple of months ago and I am real anxious to see how well it will group. There is a difference you know. Hope to see many of you good shooters on the 16th. WWE