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Wynne Echols

Surrell, you make some interesting observations here. I will attempt to add my two cents worth. You mentioned upgrades to you collection of stuff. Anything that will help your reloading become more consistent and anything that will help your set up become more stable are definitely upgrades. This is often an expensive trip, so the shooter must decide how he plans to get where he wants to go. Scales, rest, etc., are items that the shooter can spend all they want on. As for the reloading, I think good bullets and consistent neck tension are a must.

Now let’s take our stuff to the range. Go to the ‘Results Page’ and look at Surrell’s results this past Saturday. Looks to me like the rifle did it’s thing at 200 and 400. If so, what happened at 300 and 500. Find out the answer to this and things will begin to improve. Condition reading and consistent gun handling are a must.

With the new scoring system used at Reese Bottom, for a shooter to be competitive, he will have to shoot small groups in the middle of the target[= high scores] I think the sight in period is much more important than I see shooters giving it credit. I often see shooters use the foulers to more or less verify their elevation and sit there and twiddle their thumbs until they go to record fire. Windage is just as, or more important, as elevation, which makes that inside 15 second shot very important, so use it.

I could write all day about some of this and hope others will offer opinions. WWE