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Wynne Echols

Surrell, for match reloads, I will throw the charge with a RCBS Chargemaster, dump that onto another scale pan and reweigh on a Shimadzu digital scale that measures to .02. I have found that 5 pellets of Varget powder weigh .1 grain so 1 pellet = .02. Very easy to adjust the loads to the same charge. I bought this scale on ebay for I think mid $300. I have also found it to be very stable if you power it on a few hours ahead of use and maybe even spray a little static guard around it. Hope this helps, WWE

PS: Come on fellows. This is a legit question from a legit forum member. There are 70 + forum members, so do the math on the number of should be responses. Without answers to questions, in my opinion we have a very poor forum so come on guys, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and type “Champion Sniper” a reply.