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Wynne Echols

Allen, Mr. Gardner has mentioned that he adjust his loads .1 grain for each 10 degrees of change. The info above says that you are on to something good. I hesitate to compare loads because of all of the variables[barrel length, primers, neck tension, jam vs jump, etc] You are definitely close. I remember you and me talking at the world open about taking a good aim before shooting. Shooting these small bullets well at 1000 yards must have a constant condition so the faster shooter should shoot smaller groups more often.

I recently witnessed an eye opening experience on the effects of the condition on the point of impact. A friend was here and we were going to try to hit a 10″ pie plate at a range of one mile. We put up a 6′ high X 8′ wide target backer at daylight when there was no[zero] noticeable wind. I was behind a big tree close to the target as the first shots were fired and knew the bullet was close, but I thought high. It turns out the elevation determined by the calculator was spot on[76 moa up from a 200 yard zero] but the condition[no noticeable wind] was moving the bullet over 4 feet[off the backer] I say this to say that if nothing is moving the bullet, a noticeable wind will really move the point of impact. Shoot ’em faster to try to get ’em all in the same condition. Keep us up to date on your progress. WWE