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Wynne Echols

Allen, good to hear from you. I will tell you like I told Mr. Gardner last week, ya’ll need to pack up and move south. He was saying how bad the wind had been blowing in PA. Here are my two cents on your post. For you long range shooters, the conditions are going to have as much or more effect than the load and for us slow shooters that will always be a factor. You mention RL15 and Varget. I was looking on Accurate Shooter yesterday at the equipment list for the IBS 2015 600 yard nationals and the dasher was a very popular choice and probably 90% were shooting these two powders. Realize that 1 to 2 inches at 600 yards is 1/4 moa which will be difficult to improve on when you factor in the distance and condition. As for a load, I recently shot a dasher at 1000 yards at Swainsboro, GA. with norma brass, CCI 450 primers, 105 precision ballistic custom bullets jumped .015 and 32.8 grains of Varget. I was fortunate to get in a shoot off. When they brought the target back, group size 5 1/2 inches, score 29 which tells me by the group size that the rifle shoots but because of the score the shooter knows very little about conditions. Lastly, I have found that all powders are somewhat temperature sensitive, so any load work that you are doing at the above temperatures will have to be adjusted as the weather warms up. Hope that your weather improves and I am sure that ‘The West Virginia Boys’ will get things worked out. There are other dashers down this way so maybe some of them will join in. Please keep us informed with the results of your shooting. WWE

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