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Wynne Echols

Steve, good to hear from you and I can assure you that you would have a good time and also shoot well. Go here; Steve something else that I was aware of but often forget to use is holding the point of aim and dialing to the point of impact. After shooting the 29 in the shoot off, the next time I went to the bench I was shooting next to a good shooter that shoots at this range often and I asked him how far it was from my clays to the right leg on his target stand. He gave me a look like, what the heck does that matter. I was sitting there trying to figure if my point of impact was 2, or 2 1/4, or 3 moa from point of aim when I think he was trying to tell me to just aim, shoot, watch impact, go back to aim point and dial her over. Anyway, still learning. WWE