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Wynne Echols

Ron, good to hear from you and look forward to seeing you soon at Reese Bottom. We have been missing you. Thanks for mentioning your experience with the bad primers. I assume that the comment is in response to the new rule that will be implemented this year at Reese Bottom. I want all shooters to understand that they will not be asked to step away from their rifle until all else fails. We are not concerned about the rifle that simply does not fire. What we are concerned about is the rifle that tries to fire and wedges the bullet in the barrel and has to be poked out with a rod or the shooter that has loaded his rounds so hot that you have to beat the bolt open with a hammer. Ron, as you mentioned, we have had shooters show up with say bad primers and we have also had shooters show up with no primers[forgot to prime], so my suggestion there would be to bring extra ammo and simply eject the round, put in a new one and pull the trigger. I honestly think that anyone that has attended many matches in the past, know what we are trying to eliminate. See ya soon, WWE