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Larry Linneman

3.4.1 Rifle Rests -(a) F-Class Open Rifle (F-O) – The rifle may be supported by any means which provide no positivemechanical method for returning it to its precise point of aim for the prior shot. Subject to:(1) No more than two rests may be used. If two rests are employed, they may not be attached to eachother.(2) The use of any form of a table is prohibited. Separate flat boards or plates not exceeding thedimensions of the individual rests by two inches are allowed to be placed under the front and/or rearrests. See Rule 3.4.1(a)(1).No leveling screws or protrusions are allowed on these boards or plates. They must be flat on the topand bottom. (3) A front rest may be employed for either the rifle’s fore-end or for the forward hand. If attached,clamped, or held to the rifle, the front rest must be included in the rifle’s overall weight (Rule 3.4(a)).(4) No portion of the rifle’s butt or pistol grip shall rest directly on the ground or on any hard surface.Furthermore, any rear rest employed shall not be attached, clamped, or held onto the rifle in anymanner. Mechanically adjustable rear rests are not allowed.(5) As an alternative to (3) or (4), the rifle may be rested on a simple central support such as a rolledjacket, towel, blanket, or groundsheet, or upon a sandbag or beanbag.(6) Any number and type of objects may be placed beneath each rest to compensate for variations in theheight of the slope of the firing point or to reduce its rolling.(7) The front rest or base may have up to three spiked feet which may be pressed into the ground by nomore than 50mm (approximately 2 inches) provided this causes no significant harm to the firing point.(8) Rests may be adjusted after any shot to compensate for rest movement or settling. A sling may beused in conjunction with the rest(s), but its weight will be included in the rifle’s overall weight (Rule3.4(a)).(b) F-Class Target Rifle (F-TR) Rests – A bipod and/or sling are the only allowed front supports for the F-TR