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I am certainly no expert, and don’t claim to be. I have lived a pretty long time and I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express once upon a time. But as I set and ponder the article you are referring to I must ask a couple of questions of this writer.

First question would be: how do you know if it is firing or sizing that works the brass?

If you fire it and then reload it seems to me that sizing that brass is going to need to be in there somewhere. So which is it as both need to happen for you to reload a case.

The only way for him not to resize his cases is he either doesn’t ever fire one, or in his reloading regime he doesn’t size them before reloading them. If he in fact is not resizing his cases and only firing them, he must be shooting No Neck tension at all. Another words he would just reprime the case drop powder, drop a bullet into the case ( and here I mean drop a bullet into the case as without some neck tension the bullet will just fall into the unsized case) and then shoot. He would not have anyway to determine seating depth because there is no neck tension to hold the bullet, it would be just a slip fit into the case and end up setting on top of the powder column. Where ever that would be.

That would then lead to another whole set of problems. With the bullet setting on the powder column, it then would have its base below the neck and maybe even below the shoulder depending on how much powder is in the case. This would lead to so much of the fired powder charge escaping around the bullet on ignition that he would have erratic Pressure and not very good results on paper me would think.

Oh well I for sure don’t know if its the sizing or the firing causing the brass to get brittle, I mean I’m just an old Blind Marine setting up late and reading on the computer.