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Good blog Wynne if sure should get folks to thinking some. Back a few or more years ago there was a bunch of “Point Blank” benchrest shooters wanting a good place to shoot and see just how accurate any one could be if you removed the wind from the equation.

So was born the Houston Wharehouse. This was a working business open 5 days a week and sometimes more than that. In the late 70’s and early 80’s it also was one of the best kept secrets of Benchrest shooting. The Wharehouse was a study started by two men Virgel King and Bob Fisher. Those two men did all of the work, cleared a space over 300 yds right slap dap down the middle of the building and built a bullet stop and backstop as well as one concrete shooting bench. The shooting bench and the backstop bullet trap were on casters and were rolled out of the way during the day while the folks did there work.

Shooting there was by invitation only and over the years it was up and running somewhere around 30 shooters got the chance to try there luck.

Virgel Fisher was in truth the brains behind the Wharehouse. He also had no interest at all in any form of competition. Mr. Fisher was an accuracy buff and that was all he was ever interested in. This place was opened up and all of the shooting done there was to see just how accurate it was possible to be.

In an interview Mr. Fisher said there were 27 “O” groups shot at the Wharehouse over those years. That’s right zero groups–five shots in one hole and that hole measured bullet diameter.

Some of the ideas and information learned from those shoots are still with us all in Benchrest shooting. Virgel Fisher was always a little closed mouthed about what was and was not learned at those shoots.

In his one and only interview he would not share very much about the nuts and bolts of reloading. what he did reveal falls right into what Wynne has brought up in this blog. He didn’t talk about neck tension in particular but when asked the question at the end of the interview. “Mr. Fisher what one thing made the most difference in the size of the groups?” His answer was curt and to the point and said ” The one thing that made those zero groups possible and always made the most difference was Brass Preparation.

Food for thought? Me thinks so…