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Greetings all. Being the newest member of the Reese Bottom shooting, sipping, scope setting and sausage tasting society, I have a few dumb questions that I hope to get smart answers for. I have a habit of getting the buggy ahead of the horse. I was once challenged to ride a horse in a cross country jumping event the night before the event. Naturally I accepted. The next day was not pretty but I finished the race thanks to the horse.
Most of my career I carried a .45 colt 1911A1. 25 yards was LONG range for that weapon. If more firepower was necessary I added a 12 gauge pump. So the ability to consistently hit a target the size of a coffee saucer at 500 yards is truly amazing to me.
My first question is; What is the best way to familiarize yourself with the terms, nomenclature, scoring, etiquette, equipment etc. of this sport. I figured out the .22 50 yard scoring but not the center fires.
Is a 3x12x40 scope adequate for the .22 division. Which brand and type of .22 ammo seems to work best in different weapons. I have 2 vintage .22s that I love to shoot but the trigger pulls are rather humble. One is a Stevens mod 416 with a 26″ bull barrel carrying a Nikon 3x12x40. The other is a Mossburg 44US© with a 24″ bull barrel carrying a Leopold 3x9x32.Any thoughts on improving them would be welcome.( No, Wynne I don’t want to trade them in on an Anchutz, a very fine rifle.)
My near term goal is to shoot a respectable .22 match. After that maybe try the big boys if I still have any coordination.
Wynne One of my other hobbies is making knives. I would be glad to donate one for the winner of the next .22 match.
Daryl, congrats on your win.