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Wynne Echols

David, I sure hope that you Northern boys are able to get all of your matches in before the snow begins to fall. It is still hot and dry here in West Alabama. I think you make a good point when you suggest to notice what the winners are doing and what they are using. Never crossed my mind that the double post front rest might be more sturdy than a single post. Truth is, us Reese Bottom shooters got one-uped by a good shooter using a ‘Harris Bi-Pod’. That would lead me to believe that there is no substitute for trigger time. Good equipment + lots of practice = good results.

I read your post last night and you suggested that I keep my gun clean. A good cleaning process should probably be incorporated with the above. I made a video today and will post later where I let the cat out of the bag on my latest and greatest cleaning process. Cleaning made simple. WWE