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Wynne Echols

Fellows, I will try to explain what Dave is talking about. During Dave’s Sunday afternoon ‘light gun’ relay, after the fifth of ten shots, his gun would not fire. The rules state that he may finish his relay, no sighters, with another gun, time permitting. We had plenty of time and I had plenty of bullets so I ran and got the Panda Dasher, clean barrel, and bullets and Dave shot the last five off with my gun. We had to weigh both guns and when Dave got the target back he had a 13+ group and an 86 score, much better than DQ. I had cleaned the dasher good the evening before, but the last two swipes were with carburetor cleaner and the first shot hit somewhat between Dave’s group and the next four shots from my rifle, not completely destroying the group. Two days before with oil in the barrel, the first shot was five feet low on the bank(we got lucky). When the smoke cleared, Dave noticed that two primers had pierced and another shooter there suggested that a lot of times when that happens, something will break in the trigger. Suze and I are in Gettysburg tonight and plan to visit the park and museum tomorrow and then head towards Alabama. Don’t forget the mid range prone match this Saturday. WWE