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Wynne Echols

Please let me throw this little finding into this conversation. This past Thursday night as I was getting my brass ready to load for the match yesterday, I set up my Redding full length sizing die into a RCBS rockchucker press and began bumping the shoulders on the brass that I planned to use on Saturday. I use a dial indicator and Redding Competition shellholders to measure the bump. I start with the thickest shellholder and change by .002 until I see first movement and that is where I bump to. It is usually always less than .002 initial movement which I would think is okay. Thursday night the first of the twenty moved .0015 and so I proceeded to bump the other nineteen. For some reason, I decided to compare some of the measurements and come to find out that out of the twenty pieces of brass that I bumped, there was a .003 difference in some of the cases. I say all of this to say that if shoulder bump is important to you and your accuracy, develop a consistent stroke with which ever press you use. I admit that I am a sloppy reloader, but I would challenge several of you good shooters to monitor this and let us know what you find. WWE