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Mike Reekie

So, you practice at 880 yds! No wonder you make the 600 yd competition seem like a breeze, posting a 599/600. Where do you practice at so long a distance? I am very pleased for you and Richard Allen. Soon, one of you will post a perfect 600. I will keep trying, but don’t expect miracles. My 6 BR was built by Britt, also; it differs from yours in stock, action, and type of front rest (bipod). Also, my rear bag is about to burst a seam. I repaired it with duct tape to keep sand from pouring out. Do you know where I could buy a rear bag just like yours? That bipod of yours is not considered mechanical, is it? I will talk with you at the next competition. I may fire my Remington 5R in 308 and just not try to compete with that 6BR of yours this time. We will see.