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Bob Relinski

Wynne story goes
Pre 2014 rule change used to be board cannot exceed the support by more than 2″ so my 36″ wide leg style bipod could use a 38″ board legally. To stop this they then added the max 24″ in 2014 but left in the 2″ part ok still pretty clear 2″ wider with a 24″ max. Then Rempel and Duplin come out with bipods that the legs move in and out to adjust the elevation so the width varies when I adjust elevation. From what I have run into and if you look closely at the photo’s and talk from the national event’s 12″x24″ is the number they in force, I just caught the 1/2″ part. According to Seb the supplied pad with the joy pod is NRA legal, seen it used no questions.
223 info 1-8 28″ Krieger LV, Lapua brass, BR4, 23.7 Varget, he thinks they are -.020 off lands

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