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Doug Pugh

The first match that I attended got me interested in long range shooting. The two main people I would have to give credit to for being the most influential would be you Mr. Wynne and Britt. That match was your 1000 yard match in February of 2013. I brought a gun down for Britt to look at to do a little work on and a little work turned into a match 308 that my wife was ready to choke me over for spending that kind of money on a gun to shoot paper with. You and Britt talk with me about how the matches were run and y’all invited me to shoot in the next match after my rifle got finished and I’ve been hooked ever since. All the people that I have meet at Reese Bottom and become friends with have made it all worth coming back over and over again. Now I have a little girl that wants her own rifle built and that will be my next reason for staying interested in the shooting sport. Thank you all at Reese Bottom for making me feel so welcome in a sport that I truly love.