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Wynne Echols

Mr. Mike, good to hear from you and we hope all is well. I would love for you to shoot your gun in the hunting class. I am all about promoting shooting. The course of fire is as always. We will have a zero target at 100 yards and all shooters will us this target for a timed zero period. Once this time is complete, without touching the scope adjustments we will move to a 200 yard target and fire 4 record shots for score only. Then we will cool for a couple of minutes and again without making any adjustments, we will move to 300 yards and fire 4 record shots for score only. We will turn a regular target backwards with a red bull over the ten ring so that the shooter can hopefully see their hits and maybe adjust their hold accordingly. I only ask that rifles in this division be actual hunting(Rem BDL types) shot with a bi-pod or sand bag. The intent here is to allow people to get involved with a minimal investment. Thanks, WWE