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Wynne Echols

Al, we hope all is well with you. Here is what I do. Not saying good or bad, just what I do. My rifle was chambered as a BR before we re barreled it as a dasher so I already had a bunch of BR stuff. I knock the primers out with a BR die with the pin run way out so nothing touches. Do whatever work that I plan to do with the brass this shooting and then I use a Redding 6mm Dasher Type S Bushing Style Full Sizing Die[#77648] to size and neck the brass. Not sure, but probably bought from either Midway or Brownell. I will tell on myself. I did not purchase a seating die either, I use the old Forster BR seating die as I have been told that the point of the bullet is all that touches anyway. That’s my story and I hope that others will help out also. WWE