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Dave Gardner

Jim I do fire form my cases like Wynn does,except I do have a fire form rifle. I do use varget 31 gr. with a Sierra 107 bullet seated into the lands. You will loose a couple cases from splitting, the shoulders will not be perfect but after the second firing they will be fine. There is a hydronic die to form cases. Also there is a guy on the Internet that will sell you cases already to go for a price. A good tip is to turn your necks first, but only turn down the neck about 80 per cent down the neck and this will prevent a donut from forming. That 80 percent is only a guide I suggest you try one at a time till the case looks good to you and fits the chamber. The dasher is a good choice to shoot. I have heard that Grizzley is gonna have Norma make dasher cases to be sold at grizzley but I do not see them in the system yet, maybe soon they will be available Good luck. Dave.