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Wynne Echols

Jim, good to hear from you and we hope that all is well. As you know, I had a 6mmBR that Britt re barreled as a dasher. He and I discussed the different methods and I read some about each method. I elected to seat the bullet long and see what happened. To begin with, Britt re chambered my old BR barrel with the dasher reamer and I used the old barrel for fire forming. I started with 100 pieces of new blue Lapua BR brass loaded with 30.1 gn of Varget. I shot all 100 pieces. The first time through, three that fired split the shoulder and were trashed and three more for some reason had a dimple on the shoulder and were trashed. Approx 15 or so did not fire{head space I think}so I knocked the bullets out with a bullet puller and started over with a few even the third time. Anyway my 100 turned to 94 pieces. The shoulder/body junction was very much rounded so I chose to fire all 94 again thru the fire forming barrel. All 94 shot with no problem but my observation was that the shoulder still had not fully properly formed but Britt changed the barrels and I shot the 94 again thru the new barrel both breaking in the barrel and working on load development. The third time seemed to really form the brass.

We also ran into another interesting situation during all of this shooting. My rifle had an un pinned Panda action and after 200 rounds of relatively quick shooting, the stock did not chip, but the finish crinkled up behind the action. With that being said, if you choose to go this route, I would highly suggest using a pinned action. Britt has since pinned the Panda. I hope this will be of help to you. Are there other options that might form the shoulder quicker, I do not know, but this has been my experience. Thanks and please plan to come shoot with us during the upcoming year. WWE