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Wynne Echols

Al, I like Dennis do not have a lot of experience in shooting from the prone position. I really struggled with my set up the first three or four prone matches. My last two prone matches have been shot using the Seb Joy Pod and I am satisfied that I have noticed improvement. For me, the wider platform is basically cheating as compared to the traditional bi pod. Unless you catch a big break, purchasing the Seb Joy Pod will be a lengthy process{min. several months} I tend to hold the joy stick while shooting. That’s just a me thing and I am sure that Dennis’s response above is very accurate as far as not holding on. I shoot a .223 with very little recoil, so I will have to defer the answer on your question about the .308 tracking. The .223 does move a little but the Joy Pod legs are mounted on slides so I just push it forward and wait for the target to come back up. The Joy Pod attaches to a short picatinny rail mounted to the fore end of rifle. The thing comes with a couple of attachments but to fasten it to a fore end with a swivel stub, you must purchase a third party piece that adapts the Joy Pod to the swivel stud. I purchased one on Amazon that I found out later that I did not need and I sold it to Dennis. He could probably tell you who made it. I will also mention that Dan G. is shooting very well on the wide platform rest that he got from Steve G. Not sure who makes the one Dan has. Good Luck with your decision. WWE