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Well, we had five people in a shoot off. Steve Gilley, Brent Kieth, Whitney Keith,Addison Gunter, Dan Gunter. Whitney shot first and hit 1 out of 5 4″x6″ plates at 500 yards. Brent hit 3 of 5, Steve hit 3 of 5, Ad pierced a primer on his first shot and screwed up his trigger, I let him shoot the tube gun, which was not dead on at 500. He missed all 5. Then I shot and missed first 2. I saw my 2nd bullet and it was just over the target. I dialed down 1/2 MOA and hit the last 3. That put Brent, Steve and Me in another shoot off. We shot a target for score at an unknown distance. Turned out to be 550 yds. 5 shots. Brent scored 50, I scored 48 and Steve scored 46. It was a fun day, except for Ad, he was down in the dumps when his gun messed up, but he got over it and talked about how much he enjoyed it too. We had 12 shooters.