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Wynne Echols

Barry, it was nice meeting you this past weekend and hope to see you again soon at Reese Bottom. And thanks to for joining in the forums. Everyone, I am going to throw this scenario at you and need your input. We have discussed the plates as a possibility, but we feel like for safety sake they would need to be well in front and below the actual target height(in front of the small berm). At 600 yards the 10 feet of distance difference would cause at least a couple of inches of elevation drop and to go from the plates to the top target would also require a major change in the bench setup. We do think that steel plate could replace clay birds, but our thought is that the benchrest shooters would need to fine tune their zero with a few timed shots on target which would require a pit crew. Thoughts, please. WWE

Is there any truth to the belief that prone shooters are blue collar and benchrest shooters are white collar?