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Wynne Echols

Dan, you have brought up an idea that I have often thought about. I think that it is unrealistic at this point for me to plan to shoot 600 out of 600. I was so proud after the last mid range prone match that I had actually shot my personal high score of 584. I am anxious to see if I can validate the effort next week at the match. Realistically, I think progress from this point on will be very small and slow, but I do plan to try my best on every shot that I send down range. I really think that I learned from some mistakes last month that will allow me to shoot better this month. Looking back at the last match, I think the conditions were very favorable for good shooting. With that being said, I am not sure that it would be fair to say that since I shot 584 last match, I could expect to shoot 585 this match. Nasty conditions could make that impossible. I enjoy shooting against all of the good shooters at Reese Bottom, but honestly I shoot against myself. If you out shoot me, so be it, as long as you had to shoot very well to out shoot me. WWE