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Guys I must make a couple of corrections to this ad above. The triggers in the three rifles The Farley, The Pierce and the Tube gun and “NOT” Timney they are in fact all Jewell triggers. I’m going to blame that mistake on this damn machine I’m talking into.

Dan, I will take some pictures later on today and e-mail them to you. Britt has done two of the barrels and has had his hands on this rifle so if you need to speak with him about it. The one very appealing thing about this rifle is the fact it is ready to go with a scope or irons and sling just by changing a few screws. Dan I also have a brand new Bartlien Barrel that I bought for this rifle and shooting in the Heavy Class at Benchrest it is as I said Brand new 31″ long so it will finish at 30″ it is a 8 twist and a 1.25 straight no taper. If you decide to buy this rifle I will let you have it for 1/2 of what it cost me and I will eat the shipping, I paid $365, 1/2 would be $182.50 so lets say you can have it for $180.

Steve, Look forward to talking to you…


PS the Bench Source Annealing machine, one of the tuned scales, all of the Federal Primers are spoken for and are going to Al Barr