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Wynne Echols

Al, I have tried to steer clear of trick questions. This topic stems from a conversation that I had after the match last Saturday in which a good shooter expressed concern about the sight picture that he was getting from his scope. Most scopes have the same type adjustments which would lead me to believe that there is only so much clarity to be achieved. The rifle scopes on the two rifles that I shoot are about $2500 apart in price and I honestly cannot see a significant difference in sight picture. This leads me to believe, that with my eye sight, money cannot buy a ‘high def’ sight picture.[maybe Lasix eye surgery] Therefore, this topic, in which we were wondering if it is possible to squeeze a little more clarity by an above mentioned adjustment. This good shooter also mentioned that after the next benchrest match maybe we could set up several different scopes on the benches and see if anyone can notice a significant difference. That is a definite possibility.

Al, there is learning available in these topics. I have always thought of the reticle being on this end aiming at the target on the other end. Never looked at both as being an image viewed through a device on the same plane. Thanks again for the response and I sure hope others will chime in. WWE