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Hmmm, tough question… Broad parameters…. Please define your idea of tactical. CQB, medium, or long range?
Regardless, there will have to be some compromise on all fronts:
Knockdown power vs firepower, firearm weight vs portability, accuracy vs capacity/rate of fire, etc…
My choice would be around 10lbs, .308win, magazine fed semi-auto w/ optics & mbuis (sounds like the M1A I’m building {self-bias}).
A proven caliber for deer, long range Target, & overall combat use. The M1A is rugged & dependable, and with proper tuning is VERY accurate for an autoloader. I’ve been cautioned by several combat veteran friends that the current wave of .30 cal AR platforms are indeed accurate, but fall woefully short in the reliability area under tactical/combat conditions. FAL & HK meet the tactical criteria but fall short in the accuracy dept at distance for target work when compared to the M1A.
That’s some of my $.02 anyway. Always open-eared for other opinions though.