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Wynne Echols

Surrell, With one of my supply orders, I for some reason bought 50 pieces of Norma brass. When it came, I put it up and actually forgot I had it. When we chambered the dasher, I got to looking around and uncovered it. The first thing that I did was get out the calipers and started measuring a few cases. What I determined was, as compared to lapua, the norma was thicker and shorter. The necks appear to be a couple .001 thicker and the OAL maybe .010 to .015 shorter. I actually primed one and took it out in the backyard and shot it, brought it in side and remeasured. The neck measured almost .015 and the OAL was 1.300 + a little. I think the specs recommend a maximum OAL of 1.555 for the dasher and after having to trim the norma brass to say 1.300 to get them all alike, I determined that the .025″ was too short to try to deal with the carbon ring. I will say that the lapua is also short of the allowed max, but is roughly .015 longer that the norma. The norma brass is high quality, more expensive, and I guess if the shooter keeps a good eye on the chamber neck, being short should not matter. Somebody should have experience with this. Let us hear from you. Thanks, WWE