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Tony Graham

3) What do hybrids like to do?
Bryan Litz says to start at .015” jump with the Hybrids

4) What is your technique for determining “touch” or CBTO (combined overall length cartridge case base to ogive)?
1. Seat the desired bullet long.
2. Chamber it.
3. Eject it and look for square land marks.
4. Seat the.005” deeper and remove the landmarks w/ steel wool.
Repeat until the land marks disappear.

5) What is your opinion of the relationship of seating depth and “pressure”?
Into the lands=higher pressure.

6) What increments (example .002, .005, .010) do you use in search of the “perfect” seating depth?

7) Last question: Do you determine seating depth before or after powder charge?
Powder Charge first. VLDs jammed .015” into the lands.