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Wynne Echols

Al, I sure do appreciate you posting these topics lately. I am so sorry that the members of our chat forum are so unwilling to respond. They are all grown men and are too big and ugly for me to try to make them respond so I will tell you what little I know. My dasher barrel neck is .2704 and the outside diameter of a loaded round comes in about .268. I use a .266 neck bushing which gives me roughly .002 of tension. I do like to feel some resistance when I seat the bullet. I have often wondered if a very light tension would allow the seating depth to change with the loaded rounds bouncing around on the way to a match. I have also heard it mentioned that a properly annealed case is soft enough that a .264 bushing would not have any more tension than a .266 bushing but I have no way to prove it. If you have an annealing machine you might test the feel of different bushing and report back your findings. One other observation. This past month at the mid range match, I shot unfired .223 Lapua brass. While loading the rounds, I noticed that the tension was probably more than I would normally load and the thing seemed to shoot pretty well. Sorry for the rambling, maybe someone out there has some better test results. WWE